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Master Clockmakers

Watchmaking and clockmaking takes many forms in the workshops at Camden and Pymble, with new handmade creations engineered to suit the individual tastes of their clients to the restoration and conservation of clocks as early as the 16th century. 

Andrew Markerink

horologist // clock repair expert

Andrew markerink

Andrew Markerink started Master Clockmakers after returning to Australia following the completion of a Churchill fellowship in Switzerland, Holland and England. Clockmaking has it beginnings in the Markerink family from as early as the 18th century and seems to be part of the DNA.

Andrew and his staff have for many years sought to provide the skills which other than Master Clockmakers have long vanished in many parts of the world and Australia. We are now the only surviving firm to continue to make handmade clocks and watches to order in Australia as well as provide high quality restoration, conservation and service work for significant clocks and watches, as a result we are privileged to be able to conserve and restore significant parts of Australia’s Horological history.

Andrew continues to train existing watchmakers in New Zealand and Australia by means of courses and lectures organised through the peak industry body in both countries and the Institute of technology in Sydney. Maintaining and boosting the depleted skills level in both countries has been a foundation point for the work that Andrew has undertaken over the past 30 years.

The shop is alive with the ticking sounds of magical clocks

For over three decades Andrew and his staff at Master Clockmakers have been involved in the restoration and conservation of timepieces from historically important clocks such as Sydney Town Hall and the clocks for Sydney Central Railway to small intricate ladies watches made by watchmakers such as Patek Philippe.

The skill set required for high quality restoration is fast being lost throughout the world and it is one of Master Clockmakers goal to ensure that these skills are maintained and enhanced in the watchmaking industry in Australia and New Zealand.
Master Clockmakers continues to offer services to help the industry teach both existing tradesman and also to foster the education of new apprentices.
With pieces on display by clockmakers and watchmakers from several centuries and all around the world stepping into Master Clockmakers is like stepping back in time.

Andrew Markerink – Sydney Clock Repairs
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