Early 20th Century Barometer

Early 20th century barometer by Admiral Fitzroy’s Barometer. Dimensions: 25cm L x 7cm W x 94.5cm H. (2 year warranty).

Henri Jacot French Carriage Clock with Original Box, Circa 1880

French carriage clock No.1228, made by Henri Jacot, Paris and retailed by Robert & William Sorely of Glasgow, comes with the original key and original box, which has the retailers warrent and coat of arms. This carriage clock has Roman numerals on the dial and is striking on the hour and half hour. Dimensions: 8.5cm […]

Antique Voltmeter

Interesting, antique voltmeter, in the form of a pocket watch. Dimensions: diameter 5.5cm.

Chinese Seal

Chinese seal, date unknown. Dimensions: 3cm L x 3cm W x 5cm H.

Silver Pocket Watch, Circa 1891

Silver pocket watch entitled, ‘The Unequalled’, hallmarked Burmingham 1891. Made by A. Saunders, George Street, Sydney. Dimensions: 4.8cm diameter. (2 year warranty).

18ct Gold English Pocket Watch, Circa 1873

18ct Gold, English pocket watch with fusee lever and gold balance. Pocket watch is set in a fine quality, engraved gold case and a gold multi coloured dial. London hallmark 1873. Dimensions: 3.8cm diameter. (2 year warranty).

Aneroid Barometer No. R/5085, Circa 1880

Aneroid barometer No. R/5085, is in exceptional condition and is made by Negretti & Zambria, one of the finest instrument makers in London. Dimensions: 25cm L x 8cm W x 42cm H. (2 year warranty).

French Ormolu Cartel Wall Clock, Circa 1860

A large French ormolu cartel wall clock with Rococo mounts, decorated with birds, flowers and branches, with blue numerals on the dial. Clock is in exceptional condition and detail. Dimensions: 28cm L x 14cm W x 49cm H. (2 year warranty).

French 3 Piece Marble Garniture Set, Circa 1875

French 3 piece garniture set made of black and green marble, with mercury temperature compensation. Signed to the dial by Kabusseal. Clock dimensions: 37.5cm L x 14.3cm W x  47cm H. Candle holder dimensions: 17.2cm L x 10.2cm W x 37cm H. (2 year warranty).

Roamer Shop Front Clock, Circa 1960

A Roamer shop front clock with a 3 day running duration. Roamer is a Swiss manufacturer of luxury watches, based now in Wallbach, Switzerland. Box measurement: 20cm L x 23cm W x 7cm H. (2 year warranty).

Ansonia Mantle Clock, Circa 1880

Mantle clock with applied bronze panel, brocot escapement and nickel plated movement, made by Ansonia Clock Co. Dimensions: 22.5cm L x 13cm W x 33cm H. (2 year warranty).

French Alabaster & Blue Enamel Mantle Clock, Circa 1870

French alabaster and blue enamel mantle clock with original Jesso base, retaining its original glass shade. The skeletonized, fine quality French movement is made in Paris. Dimensions: 29cm L x 20cm W x 48cm H. (2 year warranty).

Bundy Clock, Circa 1920

Bundy clock believed to be from Anthony Hordern & Son’s Sydney store. Made by British Time Recorder Co. Dimensions: 67 cm L x 46.5cm W x 89.5cm H. (2 year warranty).

Reverse Painted Wall Clock, Circa 1900

Reverse painted, 8 day, timepiece movement wall clock by Sydney retailer, H.A. Westhoff, 52 King Street Sydney. Dimensions: 49cm L x 13cm W x 49cm H. (2 year warranty).

French Portico Table Clock, Circa 1840

French portico table clock with ivory inlay. Signed to the dial by Richond, Bould Montmarte 19 Paris. Dimensions: 32cm L x 10cm W x 45cm H. (2 year warranty).

Miniature 2 Piece French Mantle Clock, Circa 1840

Blue and gold coloured miniature 2 piece Henri Marc style mantle clock painted in fine detail, with the larger clock decorated with figures on the top of the clock. Henri Marc was a French clockmaker and manufacturer from the 1800’s. Miniature clock dimensions: 13cm L x 5.5cm W x 12cm H. Mantle clock dimensions 21cm […]

Early American Mahogany Shelf Clock, Circa 1830

An early American shelf clock, with reverse painted glass panels, in a mahogany case. Movement is all timber made, with an Arabic painted dial and two impressive painted scenes below, in great detail and exceptional condition. Dimensions: 42cm L x 14.5cm W x 85cm H. (2 year warranty).

Shelf Clock by Eli Terry, Circa 1815-1820

Early and important shelf clock, with the original glass door and an all-timber movement. Shelf clock is made by Eli Terry, an inventor and clockmaker, from Connecticut. Dimensions: 44cm L x 10cm W x 79.5cm H. (2 year warranty).

Smith & Son’s Library/Hall Clock, Circa 1850

Impressive, Smith & Sons Clerkenwell, library/hall clock in exceptional condition. Clock is made in a gothic style oak case, with a timepiece fusee movement. Dimensions: 49cm L x 18cm W x 79cm H. (2 year warranty).