Restoration &

All the clocks and watches sold at Master Clockmakers are restored by fully qualified Clock and Watchmakers to a high standard at our own workshops. We take great care in ensuring that the fine quality clocks or watches that you own will continue to be part of your family for generation into the future.

High Quality

restored by fully qualified

Clock & Watchmakers

Whether it’s your great grandfather’s watch that needs parts made or the 17th century grandfather longcase clock that has been part of the family for generations we will professionally and sympathetically restore the piece so that it will last for many years to come.

It is a pleasure to work with high quality clocks that we know will last for centuries and to be caretakers in the process that will allow for their future enjoyment. They were originally made to a quality and not to a cost, and designed to last; I wish their makers could see them still ticking in many homes today.

Industry skills across the board are declining and unfortunately clockmakers and watchmakers are a rare breed. Hobbyists and well intended amateurs are easy to find where professional well trained tradesmen are few and far between. We constantly strive to both provide highly competent restoration but to also encourage and foster the improvement in the trade skills in the industry. We encourage everyone to ask what qualifications your restorer has before you have work carried out. Be very careful with whom you entrust your antique clock. Most of our time in the clock department is taken putting right what other so called restorers have done in the past.

Master Clockmakers looks forward to providing you with a high quality professional service and ensuring your clock or watch retains that special place in your family.